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  Who We Are  

National Samoyed Rescue is a group of dedicated volunteers across the country helping Samoyeds in need. Most often this help is in the form of rehoming dogs who come from shelters or owners who can no longer keep them. It also includes helping owners work through problems so they can keep their Samoyeds along with helping to return dogs to the breeders who bred the dogs and are willing to take them back.

  Who Are NSR's Affiliate Rescues?  

National Samoyed Rescue has an application process for its affiliate rescues. Each rescue group that wants to work with and receive benefits from NSR must provide information about their adoption procedures, copies of their rescue forms, veterinary references, and so forth. The must also sign the Code of Rescue Ethics. NSR does its best to verify all of this information and the references, so we can feel confident in referring to these rescue groups any potential adopters or people needing to place a Samoyed in a new home. These forms are available at:


  Mission Statement  

The mission of National Samoyed Rescue is to act as a service organization providing resources, support, networking, and guidance to assist existing Samoyed rescuers and help establish new rescue groups in areas lacking coverage. By fostering relations between rescues and regional breed clubs, breeders, and fanciers, NSR seeks to provide a unified single point of reference for the Samoyed rescue community. NSR strives to enable the humane, ethical, and effective rescue of Samoyeds in need across the United States through the substantiation & verification of its affiliated rescues' practices thereby ensuring that shelters, humane societies, and the general public are confident in their local Samoyed rescue representatives.

  NSR Code of Rescue Ethics  

National Samoyed Rescue cannot require anyone to adhere to the Code of Ethics. We sincerely hope that each and every member will take them to heart and abide by them in principle.

As an individual, or organization responsible not only to rescued Samoyeds but to the Samoyed Community and the general public at large, we aspire to hold ourselves accountable to the following broad ethical principles:


I agree to ensure that the rescued Samoyeds and their Forever Homes are provided with a wide range of mainstream and alternative care options at all times to provide the best care possible. I draw from my education, experiences, training, skills and values to provide what is best for a long and active life of the Samoyed. I will work in a respectful and responsible manner with other individuals and/or organizations dedicated to the welfare of dogs.


I agree to behave in a trustworthy manner, and am aware of the organization’s mission, values, and ethical principles and work in a manner consistent with them. I understand that there is a great deal of public and private exposure when involved with all aspects of Samoyed Rescue. My behavior therefore must be open and forthright. I agree to utilize all benefits (monetary and otherwise), coming from any source, for their intended purpose within Samoyed Rescue.


I agree to practice within my areas of competence and continue to develop and enhance my expertise in knowledge of rescue procedures that benefits the rescued Samoyed and its new Forever Home. I agree to accurately represent my skills, education levels or experience to all I am in contact with. I agree to not abuse the right to privacy. I agree to provide complete care for Samoyeds in my charge and make conscientious placements while keeping the best interests of the dog in mind. I agree to remain actively aware of any applicable statutes, codes or ordinances that impact my Samoyed Rescue efforts.


Every dog that has been rescued or is waiting to be rescued, has a different story. Many come into rescue groups through shelters, some are turned over by their original owners, some are found as strays, some come from puppy mills or irresponsible breeders.

Each independent rescuer or rescue group has their own procedures and policies, but the main function of rescue is to rehome Samoyed dogs that are in need of a second chance in life. NSR's main purpose is to help facilitate the rehoming of these dogs so that they have families to call their own. NSR does not directly rescue dogs, but we assist the regional rescue groups in their efforts. Some of the ways that NSR accomplishes this goal are by:

Providing a nationwide network, education and support group for Samoyed Rescues, Samoyed owners, Samoyed breeders and future or potential Samoyed owners.
Providing resources to the Regional Rescues and potential adopters to help facilitate the rescue and placement of homeless Samoyeds into responsible homes. This includes resources such as:
  • An open Forum discussion area available to every member of the Samoyed Community, at http://www.samoyedrescue.org/forums
  • Serving as a contact liaison between Samoyed owners, Animal Care Givers and Samoyed Rescue through info@samoyedrescue.org
  • Sharing of information with the public
  • Provide public education and information through articles and on line seminars
Resources available to Regional rescues that are partners with NSR:
  • Fundraising and financial benefits for affiliated Rescues
  • Providing an area on the NSR web site to post available dogs
  • Showcasing regional Samoyed Rescue on a national level
  • Promoting and supporting all responsible aspects of the Samoyed Community
  • The sharing of information amongst different rescue groups through forums, email lists, and other means
  • The sharing of stories about Rescue dogs and ourselves
  • A self-managed database for listing available dogs

So if you love Samoyeds and are involved in rescue or simply interested in the breed, welcome to our site. We hope that you will explore our site and share your thoughts, knowledge or questions with us.

Whether you are a rescue group or an individual Sammy lover and would like to join with NSR, drop us a line! We would love to have you work with us!


For general questions by email:

To contact our Affiliates by email:

To contact the NSR Board by Email:

Contact NSR by Telephone: 1-877-744-4123
NSR's Website: www.samoyedrescue.org

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