Winter's Story

Winter is a 5 year old male Samoyed who was pulled from a shelter by Samoyed Rescue of Southern California.  They learned he is one of those “inquisitive” Samoyeds that countersurfs and loves to chew on whatever he can get to.  While this is something that can be trained out (with a few gallons of bitter apple and lots of persistence), or at least dropped to a dull roar.  It also does manage to train the owner into a cleaner house at times!

One day while in foster care, Winter didn’t show much energy.  He was listless and not interested in eating.  A trip to the vet’s was in order.  X-rays showed something in the intestines.  Somewhere along the way, he must have gotten something.  The vet suggested doing barium x-rays to see how bad the blockage was.  Not much came through. Surgery was in order for the next day.  Winter’s foster mom spent the night with Winter, not getting much sleep for the worry, and being ready at any moment to rush him to the emergency vet if things changed. 

The next day, Winter underwent surgery to remove a piece of a terry cloth towel that had gotten wound up in the intestine where it twisted the whole area and made two perforations.  He lost 18” of intestine.  He had to remain at the vet’s overnight, but the regular vet didn’t have anyone to stay there, so Winter had to be transferred  to the emergency vet who charged the full going rate to rescue, though the surgeon did cut them a break on his fees.  Luckily, Winter was doing well and only needed to stay the one night.

$2500 later, Winter went back to his foster home to recover.  He still wasn’t interested in moving a whole lot, but when a child showed up, he stood and wagged his tail for the first time after surgery.  He also then started to show some interest in toys.  He’s now well on his way to recovery, but SRSC’s bank account hasn’t yet recovered. 

Every once in awhile a dog comes along that just drains the rescue account.  The dog is in good shape other than the medical issue and there’s absolutely no reason to think about euthanasia.  But when funds are low, rescuers just cross their fingers that there won’t be another one like this coming along until the funds are back up.

SRSC will be doing fundraisers, but would greatly appreciate any donation you might be able to give them.   Direct donations are tax deductible as SRSC is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Make checks to:
5601 Monticello
Buena Park, CA  90621

Thank you for your generous support, and look for upcoming fundraisers by SRSC!


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